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  • 17-04-2014 Copa del Rey Final Score Real Madrid 2 to 1 FC Barcelona
    Good effort at the end from Barca but RM better tonight. Congratulations! Spanish Copa del Rey Champions 2014 Real Madrid!
  • 17-04-2014 Sales of the Brazil World Cup tickets set a new record
    Last night, the FIFA Brazil World Cup tickets on a final stage of the network sales, a total of 54 games for a total of 199519 tickets sold overseas.
  • 16-04-2014 star game was held in Kansas City
    For an occupation football league, major league soccer USA occupation with a game to decide who will be nominated for the all star team was the first time.
  • 16-04-2014 New Features of FIFA 14
    First, players shoot more intelligently. That means players can find their best shooting position to complete the ball break by adjusting their pace and the angel of approach.
  • 15-04-2014 FIFA 14 Screens and Its Substantial Progress
    EA Sports has just released the FIFA 14 next-generation platform game demo notice, in which dynamic weather system, new stunts, action effects and audience models have been demonstrated.
  • 15-04-2014 Retailers are offering ervice with tickets
    A few days ago, the premier CEO Scudder Moore denounced Moyers led Manchester United get bad grades, so that in the global impact on the image of the premier league.
  • 14-04-2014 Looking into the 2014 FIFA World Cup
    Looking back to 2010, the 19th FIFA Word Cup which was held in South Africa, has been past for 4 years. In the 19th, we had so many touching and exciting moments. Mang famous footbal players are memor
  • 14-04-2014 Fifa14 opening video was broadcasted
    FIFA 14 is EA company production of the famous football game FIFA the latest series of works, the game is almost certain to active duty and landing time all platform.
  • 11-04-2014 FIFA 14 has landed on the Win8 PC and tablet PC
    After hitting the ground running on Windows Phone, the alive FIFA 14 soccer game now finally landed in Windows8 PC and tablet PC!
  • 11-04-2014 FIFA 14 launched a free version of IOS and Android
    EA recently released the iOS and Android version of the FIFA 14, all two versions of the game is free. Install the two game, game player can get the ultimate team model free.
  • 10-04-2014 An Easier Way to Buy Fifa 14 Coins
    If you want more the best of the players in your team? If you want a more challenging FUT team of your own? If you want to realize your dream of owning your Ultimate Team.
  • 10-04-2014 FIFA 14 Win8 edition has been in the Windows Store
    EA specifically for the Windows8 launch of the FIFA 14 the new version has already logged Microsoft Windows store.
  • 09-04-2014 Barcelona is not in violation of the provisions of the FIFA
    Barcelona was the FIFA punished, Barcelona was introduced in stepping up when aged players to the phenomenon of violation of the rules.
  • 09-04-2014 The FIFA World Cup arrived in Beijing ancestral temple
    Yesterday afternoon, a symbol of world football of the highest honor golden cup hercules appeared in Beijing ancestral temple.
  • 08-04-2014 Africa is dissatisfied with FIFA
    For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has been done and five African team will take in Brazil for the African continent. Caf has, however, are not satisfied.
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